Global Health: Disease Detectives






Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Special Dress Code



Interested in health and global issues? Want to make a positive change in the world? Become a disease detective this summer!

This course combines medicine, public health, international relations, economics, and other disciplines to save lives worldwide. In this course, you will learn about current approaches to promoting health, preventing disease, and delivering services to communities in need. You will discuss the major diseases damaging health around the world, and how global trends, such as climate change and globalization, affect the health of the world.


  • Learn from leaders in the field through class lectures complemented with individual and group assignments
  • Explore the variety of academic and career options in the field of global health
  • Build your skills in effective reading, writing and presenting on global health research topics
  • Investigate and solve global health challenges through hands-on experience as a disease detective
    • USC Disease Detectives held a press conference to present their findings on a mock USC disease outbreak

Topics of Study

  • Infectious and chronic diseases
  • US and international laws, policies and aid
  • Roles of poverty, human rights and cultural competence
  • Key leaders and organizations

Read more about the Global Health course and see more pictures on the USC Global Health website.

“This class was intriguing and full of activities that helped me understand global health.”