The Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience

The Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience sticker

Credit: 3.0 units of USC credit

Prerequisites: None

Special Dress Code:
Clothing appropriate for Zoom recordings

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Daily Schedule, Monday through Friday (Updated May 27, 2020)

AM Session(s) PM Session(s)
10:00 – 11:30 am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 4:00 – 5:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

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Are you considering a career in healthcare, psychology, or the behavioral sciences? Are you otherwise interested in the scientific study of the human brain? In this introduction to the anatomy and function of the brain, you will discover some common and unusual aspects of the brain in everyday life and under abnormal circumstances. You will explore normal brain development as well as abnormal occurrences in the brain and their effects on human function and behavior over the lifespan.

We encourage you to join us live using Zoom each day, but we will also make recordings of our daily sessions available to you in USC's Learning Management System, Blackboard, and via email correspondence.


  • Participate in experiential activities, including labs, to enhance your understanding of how we think, learn and express ourselves
  • Learn about the most common diseases and disorders affecting the brain in youth and in aging
  • Become proficient in using Microsoft Excel for analyzing, reporting and plotting data
  • Perform virtual visits to laboratories studying neuroscience, aging, and disease at USC
  • You will become proficient in the use of USC's Learning Management System, Blackboard

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Topic of Study

  • Spectrum of neuroscience
  • Memory & learning
  • Normal & abnormal function
  • Lifespan development & aging
  • Brain structure & function
  • Neurologic dysfunction
  • Neuroethics

This course has made me want to pursue a degree in biological sciences. I am so glad I took this course.

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