Daily Schedule & Activities

Daily Schedule Monday–Friday

Classes meet daily Monday through Friday. Daily schedules will include morning and/or afternoon live class sessions (Pacific Time) and will allow for independent and/or group work.

Class video conferencing sessions will be conducted via Zoom, a high quality, mobile-optimized, video and audio conferencing service. Faculty will make course materials, including those used during lectures and class sessions (such as faculty notes or slides), available to students through Blackboard, a virtual learning environment.

Generally, live class sessions will be conducted in the morning and late afternoon Pacific Time. Group work, independent study and assignments can be conducted during the day or late evening. A detailed course schedule will be shared with participating students in May.

Joining the USC Community Online

We are committed to welcoming you into the USC community through out-of-class meet-up times and virtual hangouts. We will offer workshops hosted by USC departments as well as optional weekend events.