Campus Life & Resources

On-Campus Health Care

The USC Engemann Student Health Center provides medical services to students on the University Park campus during regular office hours:

Monday – Wednesday and Friday, 8:00am to 5:30pm
Thursday, 10:00am to 5:30pm

To ensure medical care, both the Parental Consent and Release Form and Medical History and Consent Form must be completed and returned to the USC Summer Programs Office.


As a residential student, you will have a meal plan during your time on campus. Your plan will cover three meals a day at a USC campus dining hall.

Commuter meal plan is not offered, but students can access the dining hall using cash, credit, or debit card.


Your first university-level course isn’t expected to be easy, but we’ll provide as much support as we can.

You will have access to the University Libraries. Because the programs of study are short in duration, students may enjoy reading room, but not borrowing, privileges.

Computer and Printing Access

Students have access to public computers and printing facilities in the computer labs and libraries on campus. Printing in the campus computer labs is paid for using a print/copy card that can be purchased with cash at the libraries. Some courses will require a small amount of printing (papers, assignments, etc.).

You also may bring a laptop computer and connect to the USC wireless network.  Students will have a USC account with which to login (your USC email username and password) and will be able to access USC Wireless Plus service.

The University is not responsible for damage done to or theft of personal computers.


The USCard is a student ID and more. While you’re on campus, the USCard will serve the following functions:

  • Primary form of identification
  • Access to campus facilities (the ONLY way to access residence and dining halls will be with your USCard)

All Summer Program participants are required to apply for a USCard. This can be done online beginning in late May following the submission of your deposit. Please plan to complete this step online in May to facilitate an easy arrival on campus.