Summer Experience

I LOVED this program so much!!! I have always wanted to go to USC, but after this summer program, I know that USC is the place I want to go to college because I will be challenged to learn and love what I do and also find amazing teachers and people along the way. 100% will recommend this course.

Stephanie N., Texas (Summer Program 2021)

It's a great way to learn new concepts outside of your school and make meaningful connections with new peers all around the world. You get a glimpse as to what USC life would be as an undergrad and you get to live the college experience for 4 weeks.

Cristina B., California (Summer Program 2021)

I am very grateful for this program, I learned so much about journalism and I am excited to take what I learned and use it in my journalism class at school. Thank you USC Summer Programs for a great start to my summer.

Salimah S., Illinois (Summer Program 2021)

It is a program where you can grow as not only a person but as a student. The professors and students that I met during my four weeks here, gave me a look into the true USC community which is a family: inviting, inclusive, fun, and educational.

Michele S., Colorado (Summer Program 2021)

You get the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of USC. You find a place that you can fit in no matter who you are and you get an education that you will remember for years to come.

Tiana L., Colorado (Summer Program 2021)

The reason you should apply to a USC Summer Program is because you get to speak to college professors that are willing to share their experiences and give advice to you for the future.

Noah B., California (Summer Program 2021)

USC Summer Programs provides high school students the opportunity to explore their passions at the college level. It brings together a community of aspiring students who push each other to perform at their best.

Gavin L., Missouri (Summer Program 2021)

USC Summer Programs introduces you to a particular subject that you then can explore in depth in many different directions all within a few weeks. The course is rigorous but it brings out your effort and passion in that subject.

Charlotte C., New York (Summer Program 2021)

USC summer program gives you an opportunity to delve deep into a subject without having to commit to studying under that major for your entire college experience. It allows you to experiment with what major you want to go into.

Macy C., California (Summer Program 2021)

A few more weeks of school is worth it because the network of people you meet and tasks given can't be found elsewhere.

Brianna R., California (Summer Program 2021)

USC Summer Programs give students access to numerous resources and allow them to interact with people from different backgrounds.

Shinjan G., California (Summer Program 2021)

You are able to get an excellent quality of education with passionate and driven professors, while getting a feel of what being a USC student is like at the same time.

Olivia P., New York (Summer Program 2021)