Residential Experience

Safety & Support

A team of USC Summer Program Residential Counselors, including the Director and Assistant Director of Summer Programs, live in the residential halls with students and are available 24 hours a day.

USC Department of Public Safety patrols the university campus and off-campus properties, providing 24/7 patrol services for the campus community.

All residence and dining halls require a USCard (student ID) for access.


If you choose the residential option to reside on campus in the summer, we promise to provide one of the most realistic previews around. Aside from learning and studying, you’ll be living like a college student in one of our premier residential halls.

Students will be housed in Cowlings & Ilium Residential College, an apartment-style building located in the University Village.

USC Summer Programs values a culture of building a community where students can meet other students from all over the world. Students will be assigned with a roommate from a different geographical region and who are enrolled in a different course. Roommate and floormate assignments are gender-specific, based on the gender identification submitted within your application. Please note that roommate requests cannot be accommodated.

Residential students must be inside their assigned residential hall by 10:00 pm Monday-Friday, including the weekends. The Program will observe a “lights out” policy in effect at 11:30 pm each night, by which time all residents must be in their assigned room and their ceiling light must be off.

Note: Residential students are not allowed to have a personal vehicle on campus, see the Letter of Understanding.

Meal Plan

As a residential student, you will have a meal plan during your time on campus. Your plan will cover three meals a day at the USC campus dining hall.