Commuter Experience

If your primary residence is in Los Angeles County, CA or Orange County, CA, you may choose to commute to campus for USC Summer Programs.

As a commuter, you will be required to attend all academic sessions. You are also encouraged to participate in weeknight activities (with parent permission) and weekend excursions.

Driving Policies

Commuting students are required to attend all class sessions and academic field trips. Students must travel to and from all academic and recreational field trips on USC Summer Programs transportation. Students do not have the option to be dropped off at or picked up from any field trip location.

At no time shall a commuting student drive another student, either commuter or residential, on or off campus without written consent from the parents/guardian of the driver and passenger. In addition, no commuter student shall allow another commuting or residential student to be in or on his/her personal vehicle.

Recreational Field Trips

Commuting students are encouraged to participate in the Saturday excursions. Commuting students must arrive to campus prior to the excursion to take the bus with the other Summer Programs students; they do not have the option to be dropped off at or picked up from any field trip location.

Note: For the amusement park field trips, students return to campus at approximately 12:00 a.m. We strongly encourage parents/guardians to drive students home on those days.

These policies should not be considered all-inclusive. Parents and/or guardians of commuting students are encouraged to contact Sonny Hayes, Director of Summer Programs, at to discuss specific expectations for commuting students enrolling in USC Summer Programs.

Meal Options

Commuter meal plans are not offered. Students can bring cash to buy lunch at the dining hall or any of the retail dining and cafés on campus. Some of these locations accept selected ATM/Debit cards. Additionally, students can bring cash/ATM/Debit cards to buy lunch at any of the eateries located within the USC Summer Programs’ Campus Boundaries Map.

Parking Permits

Commuting students may purchase parking through USC Transportation. Rates, availability and purchasing information is available online. McCarthy Way Parking Structure is the closest parking to the area of campus where Summer Programs staff will be located.

Parking permits can be picked up from the USC Transportation office (located in McCarthy Way Parking Structure) during its regular business hours.