All Summer Program participants are required to apply for a USCard. The USCard will serve the following functions:

  • Primary form of identification
  • Access to campus facilities (the ONLY way to access classrooms, residence and dining halls will be with your USCard). For residential students, your meal plan is also programmed to the card (think “swipe like a debit card” at the dining hall).

All Participants must apply for a USCard by Friday June 7, 2019.

Here are the instructions for applying/uploading your photo:

  1. Visit the USCard Services website
  2. Complete the online form:
    • Enter your legal first and last name. Do not use your preferred name.
    • Enter your 10-digit USC ID number
    • In the “Select your Status” drop-down, select “Special/Non-Credit Program
    • In the “School/Department or Special/Non-Credit Program” drop-down, select “USC Summer Programs
    • For “Select Type” choose “New Card
    • Upload an image. Must be a jpeg file with a white background (use construction paper, a white sheet or article of clothing, etc.). No sunglasses or hats.
    • In the “Where would you like to pick up your USCard?” drop-down, select “USC Summer Programs Staff (We will pick up your card and have it ready for you when you arrive on campus).

All inquiries about the USCard should be addressed to the USCard Services Office.


  • We will pick up your card from the USCard Office and give it to you when you check-in.
  • All Participants must apply for a USCard by Friday June 7, 2019.