Prepare for your Arrival

Below is an overview on how to prepare for your arrival:

USCard Application

Set up your USCard account prior to your arrival to ensure your card is ready when you arrive on campus. In May (we will let you know when via email), you will be able to apply online to receive a USCard, which you will pick up when you arrive on campus. Note: You cannot complete this step until we add you into the USC central database in May.

Rules & Policies (Review with your parents / guardians)

While you’re on campus this summer, we ask that you follow our rules and policies. These are for your safety, the safety of others, and for the effective coordination of the program. Please visit the Program Policies page, and be sure to review carefully the Letter of Understanding that must be submitted prior to your arrival on campus.

Packing & Gathering Supplies

Residential Students

To make sure you’re ready for your Summer Programs experience, we’ve put together a packing / supply list of required and recommended items. If your travel arrangements require you to pack light, you will be able to purchase linens and some personal items on campus at the USC Bookstore and at other locations near campus.

Commuter Students

Be sure to review the “All Students” section of the packing/supply list to be sure you arrive prepared for your class and time on campus.