How to Pay


Tuition & Fees
The balance of the tuition & fees are settled through the USC Office of Student Financial Services.  In order to view and pay your bill, you will need to complete all four (4) steps listed below.  Please be aware that your bill WILL NOT be mailed to you.  You may only view your bill online, thus, you will need to complete these steps.  The final online statement will be posted on May 27th, but you are able to make payments to your account now.

Please note: as limited status students, the due date for Summer Programs students is Friday, June 2, 2017 not the date posted on the online billing statement.

If you have any questions about your bill, you may contact the USC Office of Student Financial Services. You will need your 10-digit USC ID number for any communication with this office.

Complete Instructions for Settling Tuition & Fees

Step 1: Activate USC NetID Account & Password (First Log In/Email Activation)

In order to log in to an oasis account, you need to activate your USC NetID account.
Follow these 8 steps to log into your USC NetID.

  1. Enter the following URL at the address bar:
  2. Fill in your 10-digit USC ID number and date of birth.
  3. Click on the “Find USC NetID” button.
  4. Save the USC NetID.
  5. Enter a Secondary email address.
  6. Click on “Confirm email address” button.
  7. Create a password (make sure to save your USC NetID and password).
  8. Wait 45-60 minutes for account to be updated.

Step 2: Log Into the My USC Portal

Now that you have your USC NetID and password, you must go to My USC Portal.

  1. Enter the following URL at the address bar:
  2. Click the Login bar.
  3. Enter your USC NetID.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Click the Login button.
  6. Locate the “my Services” section (in a gray box).
  7. Click on the “Pay my Bill (ePay)” link.

*Note: Summer Programs students are not eligible for any payment plan. The full balance has to be paid by Friday, June 2, 2017.

Step 3: Go to

Once logged in to you can view your bill online. Your student account information is located on the left side of the screen in the “Your Account” box.


Step 4.A. Make a Payment (Domestic Students)

We recommend that domestic students pay online through the system using a credit card or electronic funds transfer. You should still be logged into (If not, complete steps 1-3, above.) Once you know the amount due, you can proceed to make your payment.

  1. Click on the “Make Payment” button.
  2. Select a payment method and click on “Continue with Payment Entry.”
  3. Enter your credit card or bank transfer information and complete your payment.
  4. Print yourself a receipt.


Step 4.B. Make a Payment (International Students)

International students now have the ability to pay online by wire transfer, using currency from a limited but growing number of countries. If your preferred currency is not listed, you may use ‘U.S. Dollar.’

To Make an Online USC ePay Western Union Wire Transfer

You can generate a payment document to take to your bank by going through the payment process and selecting “Pay by wire transfer – foreign or U.S. currency” when you “Checkout”.

  1. From, click on Make Payment
  2. Click on Tuition and Fees  (you must have an Account Balance greater than 0)
  3. Enter the amount you will be paying by wire transfer
  4. Click “Add to payment queue
  5. On the “Your Payment Queue” page, verify the payment amount and click “Checkout
  6. On the “Select Method of Payment” page, choose “Pay by wire transfer…” and click “Continue Checkout”
  7. On the “Enter Wire Transfer Currency Information page”
    1. Select country & currency (use “US dollars” if your currency is not listed…)
    2. Enter remitter name
    3. Enter email address for submission instructions & copy of submission form (enter additional email address by adding “;” , space, and email address for each…)
    4. Review “Terms and Conditions” and click “Yes” if you agree…
    5. And click “Continue Checkout”
  8. Review the information on the “Transaction Pending” page and click “Submit Payment”
  9. A pop-up window will open your Western Union Business Solutions Wire Transfer Request form (as a ‘pdf’ document)

If you do not see a ‘pdf’ form, please check your desktop carefully for a pop-up window which may appear behind your browser window.  If your browser prevents pop-up windows or opening ‘pdf’ documents, don’t worry – you will also receive an email with the same ‘pdf’ form as an attachment.  Simply ‘save’ the form to your desktop (or other location), and open it up later. This is the form which must be used to submit the wire transfer request to your bank.

  1. Print the wire transfer payment request form
  2. Take the printed wire payment form to your bank within 72 hours, as directed, to complete the payment… the payment status will remain PENDING until we receive notice from our bank that the payment has been received.

If you chose US Dollars as your currency, please ignore error on Wire Transfer request form which says ‘Please note this account cannot accept US Dollars (USD)’, US Dollars IS a valid and accepted currency.

After completing the simple on-line form, you can print out the document which then needs to be presented to your bank. The exchange rate is valid for 72 hours. Not all currencies are available yet in Western Union, however U.S. Dollars is available.  Please check online in if you plan to pay by wire. It can take up to four weeks for an ordinary wire transfer to reach USC, so plan accordingly to avoid late fees.

This payment will not be complete until you have instructed your bank using the form printed from This payment will be posted to your student account when USC receives the funds. Please keep in mind that it can take several days for wire funds to be received.

The balance of the tuition and fees is due by Friday, June 2, 2017. Students who have not paid in full will be dropped from the program.



Non-Refundable Deposit

In order to hold your seat in your course, you must submit a non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be applied to the total program cost.

  1. Visit the student portal.
  2. Click “Make Initial Deposit Payment” and follow the instructions.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees are also settled in the student portal. Please log in to the student portal and follow the instructions to make a payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.

If you require an alternate method of payment, please contact the USC Summer Program Office via email to or by phone at (213) 740-5679.

The balance of the tuition and fees is due by Friday, June 2, 2017. Students who have not paid in full will be dropped from the program.